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Microsoft Xbox 360 Coupon Codes May, 2016

The biggest IT organization, Microsoft has launched its variant for gaming console, the Xbox and the Xbox 360. The best gaming console which gives you an ultimate gaming experience, with awesome graphics and many other multiplayer applications, Xbox is ready to blow your minds. With Xbox one can easily get in touch with their friends and family through the Xbox live where you can connect a game from the internet and experience the ultimate multiplayer gaming, where you can compete with your friends and even group up to play a game together.

This store offers you Xbox promo code which can be used into your shopping from the online store which will enable you to get amazing discounts. So now you can enjoy this experience of gaming with your family and loved ones. The Xbox 360 can be a perfect gift for your child, so that you can play with your child whenever you want and make it the reason for your child’s joy. The Xbox 360 promo code can also be used for getting amazing deals on the shopping of these amazing Microsoft products. The multiplayer option of this console is another thing to watch out where you can stay connected with your friends, competing with them in every game, the promo codes for Xbox live which can be purchased by you from the online store and you can get yourself an Xbox Live at the cost of just about nothing.

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Microsoft Xbox 360

With the Xbox promotional code you can get amazing deals on all the products of Microsoft especially related to the gaming consoles which are so famous all around the world. The Microsoft gaming console is an asset for their organization as it comes into many variants and all the models are equally famous and highly rated by millions of users. Now you can buy Xbox live code easily from the online shopping store to get additional benefits on their Xbox live and other Xbox variants.

Not just a gift for your children you can buy this product for your own entertainment too, because not only the gaming, but you can enjoy the music, high definition movies and internet through the Xbox, so this is your best chance where you can take the use of Xbox 360 deals to get amazing discounts on your shopping bill. There are certainly many other Xbox deals which give you amazing offers to buy these products on discount and enjoy the great fun with games and entertainment. The best way possible is to get Xbox redeem code from the online site and redeem the code before its expiry date, which will get you great value for money product.

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Xbox promo code: Explore the exciting world of gaming with Xbox. Now you can make your gaming more adventurous with Xbox live code. Turn your TV in to a gaming arena and play games with your online friends. Download full Xbox 360 games.

The craze for gaming will never be out of fashion. whether you are a school student, young graduate or retired professional if you have the love for gaming it will remain with you forever and if you are lucky enough to get the chance to explore the wide gaming world at platform like Xbox 360 then your love for gaming specially online gaming will get a new dimension. Enjoy hands free gaming with Xbox 360.

Find your Xbox 360 deals and purchase 250GB console at discounted price. The package will include blockbuster games, HD movies, and controller-free fun for everyone. Now get more storage for games, movies, and music with 250 GB hard drive. The extraordinary machine has super sleek new design plus matching controller.

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Play gear of war judgment, Mine craft: Xbox edition, call of duty: Black Ops II, darksiders II and many more exciting games on your gaming station and spend your free time in a fun-filled way. With Xbox promotion codes now it is possible to buy the latest gaming console at the best price offer. There was a time when having an independent gaming platform was luxury but with Xbox 360 coupons it is possible to enjoy online games without spoiling your budget. Check out this store and collect exclusive gaming coupons and Promo codes for Xbox live for you and enjoy gaming.

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Multiply Christmas fun this year with sterling Black Friday Xbox 360 deals 2013 from Microsoft. Microsoft store online is brimming with consoles, consoles with kinects, special holiday bundles, mobile gaming environments and more on Xbox 360 Black Friday promo code 2013. So, here’s a bird’s eye view of all that is up on offer.

The Xbox 360 250 GB console is up at a Microsoft Xbox 360 Black Friday deal price of $249.99, that’s $50 less than its market value. Reassuringly quiet, sleek and stylish in dignified black, this console is ready for the controller-free fun of kinect as well. If you are looking for a console with kinect, but cannot spare more money, then the Xbox 360 4GB console with kinect may suit you. It is up on Black Friday deals Xbox 360 for a sale price of $249, against a retail value of $299.99. However, at a 250 GB console with kinect is also available, on sale, at $349.99. The choice is yours.

Xbox 360 deals Black Friday also includes two thrilling limited edition bundles on sale. The Xbox 360 250 GB Racing Bundle is up at $249.99, against a regular price of $299.99. It includes Forza Motorsport 4 and a Wireless Speed Wheel as well. The Kinect Star Wars bundle is available at a deal price that is $100 less than its regular retail value. Featuring a custom designed R2-D2 console and a C-3PO controller; it sports the first-ever custom white Kinect sensor, and is the reigning heart throb for game lovers.

Also, you have three holiday bundles, up on more lucrative Black Friday deals on Xbox 360. That includes the Xbox 360 250 GB bundle and its kinect-accompanied counterpart. There’s a price difference of $100 between the two, and both Black Friday Xbox deals save you $50, compared to their regular retail prices. Precisely, the Xbox 360 250 GB Holiday Bundle is selling at $249.99, against $299.99. The kinect-accompanied bundle will come for $349.99, instead of the regular market value of $399.99.

If you want a kinect sensored console, but cannot spend the extra amount, settle for the Xbox 360 4 GB Kinect Holiday bundle. Up on Xbox Black Friday deals, it comes at $249.99, against a retail price of $299.99, and combines for you the fun of kinect, with a delightful price tag. The actual price to pay is the loss of valuable hard disk space. And given the large number of new Xbox games that have recently surfaced, this could prove a tad disheartening after a few days. So, if you are one for hands-free entertainment, then a revolutionary Kinect for an additional $100 is definitely worth the buy.

Interestingly, all the three holiday bundles up on Black Friday deals on Xbox come with two or more free games, including Disney, Adventure, and Dance Central and Sports games. Now game on the go, at a price you’ll love! The GAEMS G155 Mobile Gaming Environment with Xbox 360 4GB Console is available at a deal price of only $399.99.

So hurry – catch these exciting Black Friday deals for Xbox now and game hard this Christmas!

The world was awe struck after the launch of the very first game console by Microsoft, the Xbox. Its release almost change the way game has been looked upon in the past. Though Xbox was not the first console of its type, it was definitely one of its types. The console brought the three dimensional technology in the game world. With Xbox, games were no more within the screens of computers.

Xbox brought the technology of 3D mapping. Xbox console had the ability to imitate what the person was doing. That means if you hit a run a baseball bat in air, your avatar would do that within the screen. This amazing technology revived the true spirit of gaming. Though the game was still virtual, the feeling to play as real.

The amazing technology worked wonders for the company and there was a record demand of Xbox. Most of the internet search was to find out some promo codes for Xbox. These codes would have helped the buyer save good money.

Years after the release of the basic model, the company was set to break its own record with the launch of Microsoft Xbox 360. The console that came up with Xbox 360 model was designed to cover 360-degree motion in space and this was the first device to have done this.

To understand it technically with the help of the Xbox 360 console, the player can do any action in space and the machine would imitate it. The LED lights that came out from the console were made such, that it could the entire body motion of a human. Xbox 360 coupons became immensely popular among the veteran players.

Its rise was sensational and people belonging to every age group joined in the parade. Almost every house featured an Xbox. The demand for Xbox promo codes took at sudden north walk. Since with the help of Xbox 360 promo codes people could buy the same console over much less price, the popularity of Xbox promo codes went up.

Xbox comes with a gaming console and set of playing sticks. The console is actually the part that is responsible for throwing rays on the player and the stick in the players hand guides the movement. Stick has a reception antenna that receives the consoles rays and traces the path the user makes while playing.

The game is big hit in most of the homes where families spend try to spend time with each other. Most of these families make use of Xbox to play games together. In other cases the games were confined only to screen or hand held devices thus it could fetch the attention of everybody. Now so many games available have been designed keeping in mind all the members of family.

Most of the buyers have made use of Xbox live promo codes to purchase their own consoles. Since the codes an ever helpful in reducing costs of the gaming consoles most people prefer using Xbox coupons to buy it.

For all those people who love to spend their leisure time with their family and friends in the world of games, there is good news. Now you can purchase your favourite Xbox with Xbox promo code, the promotional offers from the company that reduces the price drastically. A well designed Microsoft promo code for Xbox will enable you to transform your drawing room into a professional game parlor and believe it or not, you will simply love it. Firstly, you don’t have to pay loads of money to purchase the system as you may highly get handsome discounts if you redeem the microsoft promo code Xbox. Secondly the entire system is so beautiful to look at that it will add beauty to you home décor. Thirdly, if you are thinking how to obtain these promo codes for xbox 360, again, all you need is just internet through which you may search the easily available ones and download them for your future use. In case you don’t have the net connections at your place, don’t worry. Simply visit any one of the Microsoft stores and choose from the various options of xbox 360 coupons suitable for you. Now you are eligible to redeem these discount coupons for purchasing the Xbox at a negligible price, which itself is a matter to celebrate.

If you are thinking that Microsoft announces promotional codes only for Xbox games, then you are absolutely wrong. You may look for a promo code for any Microsoft product. This is specifically done for the benefits of the customers. Microsoft as a company understands what the customers feel and hence even for such a gorgeous luxury item like Xbox, they have designed promotional codes. These promo codes for Xbox help a customer belonging to a middle income group to purchase the costly Xbox system. A well designed promo code for Xbox 360 thus enables the company to explore the market further down and penetrate more into it. They are already the pioneers in the industry but that doesn’t stop them from enhancing their marketing strategies.

If you are thinking that these promotional codes are usable only during purchase of Xbox, you are again thinking wrong. Sometimes, promo code for Xbox 360 can be redeemed to avail the lucrative discounts of free shipping which means you pay almost nil for something gorgeous and everlasting one time purchase. Also you might redeem them to get access to the online service of Xbox, the Xbox LIVE, through Xbox live promo code. Will not that be great? So better not waste time and pull up your socks today. These promo codes are valid only till the limited stocks last and since the demand is high, there is no guarantee how long they will. Hence as soon as you finish reading, log on to the internet or rush to the nearby store to grab the Xbox 360 promo codes before anyone else does. Be the early birds here to get the best of the offers.

Microsoft Store online is a crazy maze that every gaming freak would love to hang around! It has this exquisite section full of Xbox video-gaming stuff, ranging from games and gaming gizmos to an array of the most enviable accessories to flaunt your game everywhere you go!

Microsoft’s Xbox racks are over brim with the most swanky consoles and kinects. Kinects open up a world of controller free fun, so you can say goodbye to messy wires and take full charge of your game as you monitor your body sweeps to score sublime mountains, deep tunnels, meandering rivers and dark jungles. Feel the thrill of escapades like never before with consoles, kinects and bundles in varying capacities from 4 to 250 GB.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on discounts and deals. So be master of the game with the Kinect for Xbox 360 at an awesome discount or get exciting deals on the best consoles and bundles.

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could lay your hands on the flamboyant Xbox 360 Halo 4 console for a few dollars less? Azure and stylish, this console is complete with two custom wireless controllers and a black Xbox 360 headset. Plus, it is equipped with a copy of the Standard Edition Halo 4 Game so you can jump into the fun, right out of the box. With in-game sound effects and light-emitting controllers, this bundle houses the largest hard drive available, precisely with a capacity of 320 GB for unlimited fun and entertainment. With so many features, the only thing that’s more delightful than the bundle itself is the price tag that’s slashed by $50 straight!

Talking about games, Microsoft Store online brings you Xbox 360 games in multiple genres, which include Family, Action, Racing, and Shooting, Sports, Party and more. Get your family together on superb games like Disneyland Adventures and Ice Age saga, Zuma’s Revenge, Power Rangers and more. Or jump into a range of the most thrilling Harry Potter, FIFA Soccer and other games with the power of Kinect! Revel in the sheer glory of victory with action games like Halo and Assassin’s Creed or Party Hard with Dance Central, Who wants to be millionaire, Michael Jackson and other games!

As with consoles and kinects, there are delightful discounts on a series of games including Test Drive: Ferrari Racing, Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse, Battlefield 3, NCCA Football 13 and more! Magnify your fun quotient with Xbox LIVE as you connect to your favorite channels ESPN, Netfix, Hulu and more and catch TV serials or play recorded games or watch movies downloaded from the internet in precision HD display!

When it comes to gadgets and gizmos, Microsoft Store online has an inexhaustible depot of the most stylish and tempting stuff from controllers and remotes to headsets and hard drives, cables and adapters to mobile gaming environments – so no matter where you are, you always stay glued to your game! Look out for discounts on accessories as well, for what could be better than earning burning hearts everywhere and yet not burning a hole in your own pocket!

The craze for video games will never be out of fashion, whether you are in your early childhood or a grown up adult if you have the interest in video game it will always remain with you. The launch of several video games by the top companies. Microsoft, the software giant realizes this fact and they embark upon the gaming industry and open a new horizon for video game lovers. Today Xbox needs not any introduction as it is one of the most popular and loved products launched by the Microsoft. Find out your xbox coupons and enjoy the game.

Experience the new thrill with xbox live and don’t forget to make the experience more adventurous with xbox live promo code. Who would not like to save some cash while getting the complete dose of the entertainment. Choose a great value kinect bundle from microsoft’s online store and get special discount on your purchase. The offer is for a limited time period so hurry and bag the deal before it.

After the successful Launch of xbox in 2001 the company planned to take up the next level of fun and entertainment as a result xbox 360 was launched. The launch of the xbox 360gave a big challenge to other competitors.

To make the relationship more cordial and deep-rooted the company launched special deals and coupons for their customers so that they can get the best deals and offers on their shopping. There are various online coupon code stores who deal with Microsoft coupons there you can easily find xbox 360 promo code.

Make entertainment more amazing with xbox live. Enlarge your gaming circle, now you can play a game with people who are living in the different part of the world. The concept of Kinect makes it highly adventurous. If you are not tuned in using kinect you can contact the kinect trainer top get better control?

What else you need to make your xbox more interesting? It is the accessories, especially designed for the xbox, find your xbox coupon and buy genuine accessories at the discounted rate. You can also find x-box game add-ons to make the game fresh and interesting.

Download games on xbox live and play them as many times as you want. Whether you like to play party games, dance, sports or action the arena of gaming is fully loaded with various games for the players. Experienced a totally different gaming experience with xbox live, say goodbye to conventional video games and ways to play; now you can play online with your friends as well.

Next time when you plan something exciting and entertaining do not forget to include xbox gaming in your list and explore the excitement and adventure in a new light. The company is offering special holiday season deals and offers to its clients, make the best use of these offers and make your xbox shopping more beneficial. Collect your xbox live promo code and get the best offers on your shopping.

The magnificent characteristics coming forth next with amazing features; the other name to it is Xbox one through Xbox one promo code. This welcomes you to a brand new generation of games and entertainment which enhances the beyond the periphery of the reality. The television is actually seen to be taking all your commands; like while you listen to some music number playing games is like a right hand job. Starting from movies to music to games, all under the same roof in a compact manner is what this Xbox one brings forward to us. An exuberating experience without the hazardous job of putting inputs like before. The TV and movie system or more in one compact place is what we bring forward as Xbox. The jumping in or switching over from movies to games or music will b possible just by your voice command; exactly the way you give instructions to your subordinate regarding work.

Xbox one coupon code helps you get drowned with the real like games; hence getting connected to the cinematic worlds along with elements which can be considered more real and human .the easy and speedy access to all forms of entertainment along with web connection unimaginable and never thought of .Xbox one promotion code is here to give you a device which more importantly a friend, who knows you; your likes and dislikes. Then, its composes the likes and puts it in a platter in your home screen. The Xbox is accompanied by a Kinect which enables to recognize the voice or the movements or the different gestures.

What more can you expect when friends are accessible so easily along with other entertainments. Like Xbox one gives you the opportunity to chat with friends in Skype and watch your favourite program me on television .this can only be at your doorstep when you switch on to Microsoft Xbox one promo code. The highlights of any match or any interesting game scan b seen off by the option of game DVR. The implementation of cloud will not make you wait for the recent game updates as the name implements you will start living in your living room.

The very concept of making it today but to visualize a bright tomorrow is what if you are looking for the Xbox one is your found result through Xbox one deals. The technology is the latest giving tough competition to the iconic design it has come out with. The look is sleek with clean sharp lines making it look modern and the décor thus gets complimented. The design was conceptualized in such a way that it gets the centre place in a living room leaving behind all other the expensive and ethnic décor. As said earlier the feasibility of switching from an entertainment show to a game; an 8-core x86 processor makes the miracle possible to switch from an entertainment to a game with ease. The HDMI pass through is used to connect the television with the satellite box and you get to see television through the Xbox one , thus the manual inputs seems to be an ancient saga .How can we forget the memory it has inbuilt; 8 GB of RAM and 500 GB hard drive for games , movies , music apps and many more . The HD effect done by the Blue ray is incomparable while you watch games or movies. The effect is of a different dimension a whole new experience you get through this device and promo code for Microsoft Xbox one gives you the opportunity.

A perfect balance of power and the magnificent performance is what Xbox one gives you. The brilliant combination of CPU GPU and ESRAM makes it an extraordinary super computer and a pride of the owner it the living room. But only super form of power is of no use without a speed more than the jet. Here we get hold of Xbox one in Xbox one discount code giving you a lightning fast experience which is a lifetime experience of its own kind.

Stay tunes to this generation next Xbox one to flow with the technology advancement and this is only possible when you are with us by getting this device an honour of your living room through none other than promo code Microsoft Xbox one.

Xbox is one of the finest creations from Microsoft Corporations that has revolutionized the world of video games, and made thousands of customers happy all across the world who love to spend their leisure time with a smart sensor based console on their hand. Ever since the brand was launched by Microsoft it started competing with Sony’s PlayStation and soon grabbed their market. Xbox has a series of games developed by Microsoft apart from the lovely beautiful console, streaming services, and others. Just after the brand became successful the company launched its successor, the Xbox360, which also narrated a success story for Microsoft. Soon after its release the console became so popular among the game lovers worldwide that Microsoft started planning for adding several accessories along with it. For example, they designed Xbox LIVE that enabled the enthusiastic users to play games and enjoy online with the help of a faster broadband connection. This was mainly to compete with the other brands that were providing the facilities to the game lovers. One needs to subscribe to Xbox LIVE and would get the facility of better servers, and several features that would astonish you if you love to spend your time with a gaming console. You may look for a buddy list in the console, and popular games like Halo 2, which might be desired by you for long.

Xbox 360, along with the Xbox LIVE was a lethal combination for the company because that provided the users to stream music, multimedia contents from computers, TV programs, movies of your choice, which are being provided by the Xbox video services and Xbox music services. These are done with the help of the third party content services in collaboration with those several streaming applications that are being provided by them. You can get Kinect which is a mind blowing motion control system that is incorporated with the advanced sensor systems for a better experience for the users. Owing to the immense popularity of the Xbox 360 the company redesigned the console, which was made even slimmer and hence smarter to use. The online connections were made faster with the help of WLAN 802.11 versions, Wi-Fi, optical audio as well as video output, more number of USB 2.0 ports, few special ports redesigned for the peripherals of Kinect, and so on. What else do you wish as a game lover? The Xbox 360 also has ample storage of 250 GB hard disk where you can store all your important staffs including movies, videos and images. Use the 4GB RAM to have a better display and hence more enjoyment because you may pen several things together at your console with a proper visual effect for each of them So next time you are buying the Xbox 360 you can be rest assured that you may play online at ease with the Xbox LIVE subscriptions and can also store your favourite games to be played offline at any point of time you want without a internet connection.

Xbox One off-course is a modified version of the Xbox 360. Not only the Kinect and the controller are given a new design, but the console is also incorporated with few internet based features which will be highly appreciated by the users. The new device has the ability to record as well as stream games, integrate them with a set top box, and watch satellite or cable TV with the help of the console with a far better interface. Not only that the kinect this time is given a voice control which is even more beneficial for the users like you who love to play games on an interactive console. To make the Xbox even more interesting and popular for the users, Microsoft enabled the lucky users to access the whole library of interactive games, through an Xbox one, and they do not need a disc for the same. Not only that they are also given the opportunity to share the entire library with around 10 members of their family, which is really a matter to be taken care of. The only condition is that those family members need to have an Xbox LIVE account and need to get synchronized with the library, by getting connected to the internet for at least within 24 hours. However, these were considered to be restrictions, by the critics and the company was almost forced to remove that in order to get it fully accepted by them as well. the other issues that the critics always imposed on Xbox was that Kinect had to be plugged with the console in order to make it function properly, which was however removed and since then, the console could work even without the Kinect.

Needless to say, the total amount that the customer has to pay for a lovely Xbox 360 or an Xbox One is definitely a substantial one, however, thanks to the promotional coupon codes occasionally announced by the company with the launch of every product. The sole purpose of announcing these codes is to allow the users to get lots of discounts while purchasing the costly Xbox One and its accessories and that is surely something you would also like to get. These coupons are easily available over the internet and also at any of the Microsoft retail store nearby your place if any. You can download these from the official website of the company or can also take out sometime to hit the nearest store in order to get a closer look to the same. So there is no point of wasting your time in thinking how to grab an Xbox console whereas the way is right in front of your eyes. Collect the coupon codes from the shop or buy online, purchase and install the Xbox one right today at your place, and thus enter in to a new world of wonders with the Xbox without creating much pressure on your wallet. What can be a better option than this for you as a game lover?

Virtual gaming is no more a luxury; it’s much more inclusive now than ever before. While on the one hand, an increasing number of market players have brought consoles within the reach of the average customer, on the other, as concrete jungles graze away our playing grounds, the only mode of entertainment, our next generation will perhaps ever know, is gaming. Plus, it’s a platform that explores fantasy like nothing else- a queer space that’s real and unreal at the same time, where you get to be hero, crusader, savior and every other version of your glorified self- a place unto which each one of us would love to resign, at least for some time. Well, here’s the good news. Xbox, one of the best ways to enjoy gaming, just got a great deal cheaper. So, if you’ve been considering a gaming console for some time now, Microsoft Store has just the right deals for you.

To begin with, you can choose from a range of Xbox 360 or Xbox One consoles- Xbox 360 is the second generation of gaming consoles from Microsoft; and Xbox One is the latest in the line. While Xbox 360 has one of the largest libraries of games, Xbox One just bowls you over with its unique Kinect experience. Xbox 360 also supports kinect, in addition to controller play; but the third generation of Xbox kinects features significant improvements that make them, in many ways, the defining element of your Xbox experience. For one, they are voice-controlled now; which means you only need to utter a single voice command to search your favourite shows, find your choice of movie or switch between apps in an instant. Your kinect actually “knows you” by your voice so much so that it can identify your voice from over a cacophony of voices. So when you’re hosting some Saturday night revelry, your kinect can still pick up your voice amidst that entire party buzz. Xbox One is an entertainer in itself- it’s more like a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. With the Xbox One, you can watch your favourite movies, TV shows, or sports channels; listen to music or even Skype with friends and relatives on the other side of the globe- all from one place. It also accommodates a neat split screen experience; which means you don’t need to stop your game to do any of the above. You can chat, listen to songs or watch movies or your favourite shows while continuing your game by splitting your screen (and not your time!) To give you maximum gaming engagement, updates get downloaded behind the scenes- so you don’t have to stop playing to ensure you’re up to date with the latest of developments. Xbox One magnifies the joy of gaming manifold by allowing multiplayer gaming. It’s always fun to game with your friends, but the third generation console takes the thrill one notch higher by pitching you up against players who best match your skill levels. The Smart Match feature is indeed an extraordinary innovation that not only raises the bar higher for you, but also pushes you to perform better each time you play with a worthy opponent. Xbox One is one houseful of features- and we’re not done yet. Apart from increasing the fight in the game, it lets you record your best game moments and spin a video out of them, that you can share with your friends and you can even make videos of your game play live!

The only thing that gets more exciting than the Xbox one itself is the amazing price at which you can now own one. Microsoft Store has a treasure of games, accessories, apps and add-ons to make your Xbox One experience truly out-of-the-world. And you can save on everything that you shop for. Bundles deserve a special mention, because they are more profitable a purchase than your regular consoles. They come with exciting surprises, besides your regular console and controller plus free gift cards- at a price that’s delightfully cheaper than the original price tag. The Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle, for instance, includes a 500 GB console, a wireless controller and chat headset plus two free games- Assassin’s Creed Unity and Assassin’s Creed IV- for download. You get all this for a whopping discount of $50 plus a $50 gift card which you can use on your later purchase.

Dive into the adventure with Microsoft’s second race of Xbox consoles- Xbox 360. The same immersive and intense experience of Xbox One comes to you with an inviting collection of games for everyone. Whether you’re young in age or still young at heart, there are games for every member of the family, in every conceivable genre. A truly eclectic range offers a diverse collection of battle and warfare games, shooter games fantasy, simulations, sports, fitness, racing, dance and party games. You have individual as well as family games, so whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just intend to spend some leisurely time with your family; you have an exciting collection to choose from. You can save some fast cash on a number of these Xbox 360 games- as Microsoft Store has now announced discounts to the tune of $10, $12 and $20 on these. Xbox Live is another way to top up on the fun. An Xbox Live Gold membership entitles you to exclusive super-saver deals; plus an ever-increasing list of all the new and latest games, that you can play, anytime you want. Now get 1 month of free Xbox LIVE Gold membership on select Xbox 360 bundles like the 4GB Peggle 2 Bundle or the 500 GB Holiday Value Bundle. Both these bundles feature console plus wireless controller, free games and free Xbox LIVE Gold membership- at spectacular discounts to marked price. Besides, you also get a free $30 gift card with the 4GB Peggle 2 bundle!

You can also enhance your Xbox experience with a whole lot of add-ons like kinect, controllers, media remotes, racing wheels or take your game on the go with gaming environments, all of which are available at never-before discounts, at Microsoft Store online.

Why you should be running after Xbox One!

The Xbox journey has been an exhilarating one so far. From the original Xbox console in 2001 to the Xbox 360 console in 2005, the “New Xbox Experience” in 2008 and now Xbox One- Microsoft has been unabashedly ambitious with its gaming machine. The latest in the line- Xbox One raises the bar higher with its avant-garde user interface and Kinect, incredible gallery of games, smart new ways to play and solid web-integration. Here’s a closer look at the mind-blowing machine.

At the first glance, Xbox One affords at best a “decent look”. It’s not flashy or stylish, if that’s what you’re looking for- it can be better described as “sublime” in appearance. Its sharp edges chiseled to perfection, the black monotone blends completely with the other components in your living room entertainment centre. Yet, with the design and build, its presence is quite conspicuous, carefully carving out prominence for itself.

In fact, an improved user interface and the new Kinect largely dominate your experience. Xbox One makes a shift from the Xbox 360- style interface to a Windows 8- style tiled interface that is easier to navigate. The best way to navigate the Xbox One’s user interface however is perhaps the unbelievably robust suite of voice commands. Using the new voice-sensitive kinect, all you need to switch apps or search for a movie now, is a single voice command. This is extremely easy (to the point of turning you into a lazy bug!), convenient and exciting (not to ignore the satisfying hi-tech feeling it brings along!). But responses this far have been mixed- with users complaining that certain accents are not recognized and voice commands need too much specificity. For instance, Xbox One doesn’t respond to “Xbox Off” but only “Xbox turn off”; Ryse doesn’t work either while “Ryse; Sons of Rome” gets you the desired game. But minor glitches apart, the innovation in itself is a huge step forward and you can hardly miss it! Another interesting feature is the facial login. Once your profile has a face attached to it, Kinect immediately recognizes you whenever you are in front of the box and signs you in automatically (even says Hello!) In fact, the interface is interactive to the point of getting creepy sometimes! Futuristic, cool and incredibly smart- Xbox One makes up in functionality what it loses out in appearance.

The Xbox 360 controller was hugely appreciated by fans the Xbox One controller does it better with as many as forty improvements over its predecessor. The new controller works in co-ordination with the Kinect, which brings us to another interesting upside of Xbox One. The moment you put down the controller and switch to Kinect, say to watch a movie, the controller enters into a low-power state- this is actually the reason behind the unusually long battery life of Microsoft’s latest console. Among other improvements to the controller, you will find better, more advanced impulse triggers to replace the regular triggers, thumb sticks that look smaller but are more responsive and accurate and the D-pad, which is now a cross. The texture feels premium and replaces the gross, slippery feel of its predecessor.

Allow yourself the choice of controller play or dive into hands-free fun as navigate through games that bring the reel as close as it gets to real. A complete entertainment console, Xbox One still stands out as a video gaming console first. You can use Xbox One to do anything and everything from watching your favourite movies to sports, music, live TV, Skype and more- but when it comes to gaming, it’s a hardcore gaming console. It has one of the best multiplayer systems, backed by a high powered network- so you can play with friends across the street and those across the globe with equal ease. Or you could use the Smart Match feature to find and fight worthy opponents from world over- who match your skill and level. What’s more- you can record your game play live and even make a video of your best game moments to share with friends. Less waiting time during matchmaking and downloads that keep you updated behind the scenes all add up to more focused gaming. Whether you want to play with undivided attention, or pep up your game with some music, it’s your choice- Xbox One allows you the freedom to multitask and snap two apps side by side so you can get more done in the moment.

Xbox One affords you the luxury of multi-media entertainment on one console. And if you’ve been wondering why you shouldn’t continue using your TV to watch movies or your music system to listen to songs, here’s why. Firstly, Xbox One lets you do all of that on a single device. You can do two things at once. You cannot imagine watching a movie while connecting with your friends on the same screen in any other way! It is heavily web-integrated- so you have access to more entertainment options and you have better control with Kinect. Switching between apps happens in an instant and it’s super-easy to search for your favourite movies or snap apps side by side. However, much as it does justice to all-round entertainment, it remains to the core a gaming console. Its extensive gallery of games testifies to that. From shooter to party, dance to Disney, games for power gamers and games for the family- there’s something for each one at the Box One store. Dead Rising 3, Zoo Tycoon, Power star Golf and Forza Motorsport are some of the exclusive titles you’re sure to enjoy!

Now you can even take your game online with Xbox LIVE and reap the benefits of member discounts, free games and lots more. Plus, take a peek at the numerous cool accessories, built to accompany your console. From wireless controllers and chat headsets to charging systems, media remotes and more- there’s a lot to take your Xbox experience to the zenith of thrill and excitement! Add more to the moment- with Xbox One- Get your console now!