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Microsoft Surface Coupon Codes June, 2016

If you are interested and keep a track of all the newly launched Microsoft products, then you must have come across the announcement of the new tablets from the company-Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3! Needless to say that with this, Microsoft fulfills the dream of making Surface family powerful and popular when it comes to hi tech tablets. Along with it, the company has also launched the much expected microsoft surface 3 promo code especially for those who always look for decent discounts on their products. Surface 3 is indeed an improved version of its predecessor, with much longer battery life, almost 10 hours per day, and greater power and performance. You would love the new stunning look of the device that depicts the actual color of Magnesium, the slimmer outlook and the lighter weight which looks smart on your hands. The company has started distributing the surface 3 promo code, from the retail stores that are spread all across and you may pick them up to be the owner of the most stylish device in the planet.

Microsoft Surface

The new power cover gives you the same typing experience like the Type cover of the original Surface but it is quieter than it, whereas you will find type touch cover 2 more responsive and rigid. Both are provided with backlights and proximity sensors and get lighted up as the hands approach the keypad. Choose any one from the wide range of attractive colours like Magenta, Cyan, Black and Purple. The dual stage kickstand provides better support to the device, especially when it is on your lap. If you are interested to go for a Surface pro 3, you may look out for microsoft surface pro 3 promo codes. The docking station of device has three 2.0 USB ports and one 3.0 USB port, with a mini Display Port with video output, the 3.5 mm in and out port, as well as the Ethernet port. Expect some cool accessories like a wireless adapter, car charger, hi-tech mouse and others to make the deal more lucrative. A little search over the internet may bring to you several well designed microsoft promo code surface 3 and once you use them while purchasing the same, you will feel the financial pressure on you much reduced than otherwise. The codes help the company to reach to a wider customer base and create a better market share. You can choose from the wide range of promo code surface 3 offers to you and pick the one that suits you best.

The company has made Surface 3 and Surface pro 3 more powerful as well as customizable with Windows RT 8.1 AND Windows 8.1 Pro, and has brought several improvements like search, personalization, built in apps. Multitasking, Windows Store and cloud connectivity. In fact you will all sorts of gaming and entertainment elements incorporated into the new device, apart from making it most suitable for absolute professionals. With the NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, Surface 3 is much faster than its earlier version and hence you can work, create apps, run them as well as play simultaneously without any interruption. Look out for a surface pro 3 promo code on the internet or purchase it from the store, and grab this beautiful, 10 inch full HD display, and a faster file transfer facility with USB 3.0 port. The 3.5 MP front camera and the 5MP rear camera along with the 1080p video capturing capability of the device has made Surface 3 the best tablet for professional as well as personal use. Isn’t it? With these features now you can go for a face to face conversation with your colleagues or even friends and make it clear and crisp. Don’t you now feel like getting a microsoft surface 3 coupon codes right now? You will get preloaded Office Home and Student 2016 RT and that enables you to import all your laptop/computer works right into the device without any delay in work. The memory configuration of the device comes in 32 and 64 GB and you may the one that suits your preferences. The company has also launched microsoft surface 3 student promo code that enables the students to avail the device at a much lesser cost than the MRP. With Surface pro 3 you can run all the software of Windows like MS Office suite apart from all the applications from Windows Store. Will not that be a great transformation from a laptop to a tablet in a smoother way? Surface pro 3 is powered by the core i5 processor of Intel and hence you can expect the best performance delivered by any tablet on earth. It has a longer battery life than Surface pro and also comes with a better hard drive and memory configuration. So what are you wasting your time on? Get hold of a suitable microsoft surface 3 promotional codes today and rush to the nearest store to purchase this amazing device as soon as possible. The price of the devices is reasonable, especially when compared to the whole lot of features it is studded with. The company has for sure announced the coupon codes for the benefit of the customers, but the stocks are limited and expected to finish up soon as more and more people are finding the deals lucrative and interesting. So before the stocks end and nothing remains when you actually make up your mind to get the discount look for the right type of microsoft surface 3 promotional codes for yourself. With this you may end up entering a whole new world of hi tech digital world, with lots of fun and entertainment to lighten up your life. Microsoft, as a company, has always been loyal to the customers they have been serving and the same applies from the customers of the company who have never left the brand for digital products. If you are a one, prove it with all your heart and soul. Won’t you do that?

Do you know that Microsoft has launched the latest of its innovations, the Surface 3 and Surface pro 3, in the market recently? If you already have an idea on Microsoft Surface and its functions then you will find this new device a much improved over its earlier version. Over and above, the company has announced several lucrative microsoft surface 3 promo code coupons in order to penetrate more into the market and increase its customer base. Surface 3 has Tegra 4 processor in built in it whereas Surface pro 3 is powered by Intel i5 from inside. These powerful processors make the devices better in performance and faster in speed. You will be impressed by the stunning exteriors that reflect the luster of metals and gives the devices a smarter yet elegant look. The battery capacity has been increased to 10 hours, so that you do not need to charge Surface 3 over and again as you keep on working. You may look for a suitable surface 3 promo code if you wish to get the device for yourself. That will be a wiser thing to do because these coupon codes can be redeemed to slash down the original price of the device.

Surface 3 comes with a 10.6 inch screen, 1080p video resolution, 5MP rear camera and a 3.5 MP of front camera and all these become important for you when you wish to chat with someone you like. Isn’t it? There are a whole lot of features that the devices are adorned with by microsoft. However, these make Surface 3 and Surface pro 3 quite costly-but you don’t need to worry. Simply search out for the microsoft surface pro 3 promo code either over the internet or by physically going to the Microsoft stores. If you are thinking where to find the stores for Microsoft, you need not to worry, as these stores are spread all across the world in several cities because many people all over the globe are the ardent fans of the products manufactured by Microsoft. In fact the very concept of issuing these promo codes was to improve the retail chain for the company and Microsoft has successfully done it again with Surface 3 by announcing the microsoft promo code surface 3. Surface 3 comes with a dual stage docking station that helps you to place the device well on your lap while working as well as to connect it with the other devices like PC, speakers, etc because there are several ports for connectivity.

The device comes with 3 USB 2.0 Ports and a single USB 3.0 port, and that’s good news for a tech savvy customer. You can also get an Ethernet port and an audio in/out port in the same docket. A well designed code can be used to purchase the surface 3 as well as getting few other value added services. Take for example you a get a year-long free Skype calling service to landlines free of cost apart from getting 200 GB space in the Sky drive and unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity for few years once you are purchasing a Surface 3. Try your luck and see whether you get some special promo code surface 3 offers for the same. That will be something great! Surface 3 also has several accessories that can be clubbed with it, for example the Touch cover 2 that is made even slimmer than the earlier version. The keystrokes would be more rigid and you will find them even more accurate in the new model with extra sensors incorporated for a better interaction. For both the touch and the type cover 2 you will find back lit keypad so that readers do not face any problem in dark. Isn’t that great? Microsoft has been the pioneers in the digital industry for many years now and has the exact understanding of what the customers want from them.

Hence while designing the surface pro 3 promo code; they have kept the needs and choices of the loyal customers in their mind. Interestingly the type cover comes in a variety of colors and gets appreciation mainly from the youth. Surface 3 is one tablet that can be useful to a professional as well as to a student. Basically that is why; they have designed the microsoft surface 3 coupon code in such a way so that everyone can be given what he/she needs. For example if you are a student, then you must be in need of a different promo code than a professional, and so you must look for special microsoft surface 3 student promo code especially designed for the community. If you are used to use Surface 3 to complete your home works and school projects, then you will surely like to be associated with it throughout your life, especially when you become a professional. That is the company designs specialized codes to retain the customers and the potential leads.

Surface 3 is also equipped with several other accessories like car charger where you can charge the device, if needed, in your car along with other phones and all, with no need of external adaptors, You may also get a wireless adaptor for Bluetooth connectivity within a range. Isn’t that stunning? So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and log on to the internet today to grab a suitable microsoft surface 3 promotional codes. If you are late, you might lose the opportunity because stocks are not in bulk and may finish up at any point of time. Hence before anyone else snatches away this golden opportunity from you, you should take a proactive step to find out the best promo code for surface 3 and immediately redeem them for the amazing device. Grab the Surface 3 or Surface pro 3 and enjoy the supreme excellence in technology by the company. After all Microsoft is the ultimate name when it comes to software or hardware and no one can deny it at all. Don’t you agree?

If you are looking for a tablet with Office suite loaded on it, the best thing you can do is to opt for Surface 3 from Microsoft and Surface 3 promotion code can help you.

Microsoft Surface 3 is a 10” tablet that comes with Office 2016 RT. Now, the Surface discount code is an added benefit to people interested in getting this product. The tab just weighs 1.5 LBS and you can enjoy more work with this less weighing device. It is also available with AT & T 4G LTE. If you are in Canada, you can use Surface 3 promo code Canada for getting this product and here are the benefits you can get from it:

Fits perfect in your life: The device has a gorgeous full High-definition display and it can play video for up to 10 hours continuously with a single charge of a full battery. With this powerful battery, the device can let you do whatever you want, on the go.

Adaptability: People in the UK, can use Surface 3 promo code UK for getting this tab and it can work like a laptop as it comes with a dual-position kickstand. Also, it comes with MS office, covers and ports to complete your work on the go.

Stay entertained: Students always wish to stay entertained and they can use Surface 3 discount student for getting this device and they can enjoy music, movies and games of their interest. The device comes with 1080p widescreen display; Dolby audio setting and the kickstand ensure that they can enjoy hands-free watching of movies. They can even import their iTunes playlists and can stream songs free with Xbox Music. Students can also use, Surface discount for education as they can use Surface 3 for completing their homework and assignments.

People looking for some advanced features can go for Surface pro 3 and they can use Surface pro 3 coupon for getting this device. The Pro 3 comes with the next generation Intel Core i5 Processor, thereby providing incredibly long battery life and performance. In addition, they can get Surface pro 3 discount code for taking home this advanced tab.

Even, Pro Pen included in the Surface pro 3, can let you e-sign documents, mark up presentations and you can even write with this pen. The Surface pro 3 discount can give you the additional benefit of saving on the cost of purchase.

To conclude, both Surface 3 and Surface pro 3 has better features and it is better to do a comparative study to arrive at the best decision with respect to the right purchase to get the intended benefits.

Are you a Microsoft product user and love to use the new Surface series tablet launched by them since last 2 years? Surface has been an eye candy for every digitally aware person ever since it was announced by the company and there are valid reasons behind them. It was the first computer ever that is designed and marketed by Microsoft corporations and this was their first attempt to integrate them with their own running OS, the Windows. Surface has two modified versions that have been announced by the company within few months of its distribution and eventual success, Surface 3 and Surface 3. Both of them have inherited few basic features from their ultimate predecessor but definitely have their distinct features as well only to make them unique in the digital market.

Surface 3 has the multi touch screen, handwriting/touch keyboard, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capabilities, camera (both front and rear) and can be used for sending emails, light office work, playing games, creating document and presentations and storing them for future use, watching movies, listening to music and string them as well, and so on. It comes with several pre loaded apps on weather, health, food, drink, calendar, etc and you can browse internet very well from there at your convenience. Preloaded with Windows RT, Surface 3 has a tough glass which is less prone to crack and a magnesium alloy outer covering that gives it a sturdy look. Designed to be much slimmer than Surface, Surface 3 looks very elegant and smart on your hand especially when you are at your workplace and feels lighter as well. Surface 3 has a 2GB RAM and a 1.7 GHz Nvidia Tegra 4 chipset that makes it even faster than the earlier version. If you love to play video games for longer hours, don’t worry, you will get 10 hours of battery life with it. The resolution is far better than the earlier ones and hence the display will give you a better color combination for a nicer experience. You can get a USB 3.0 port, microSD slot for additional storage as well as an internal storage of up to 64GB to keep your data stored inside. Moreover you may also get a 200 GB additional storage space for OneDrive for at least 2 years and one full year of Skype calls free of cost as well as access to the hotspots of Skype WI-FI. What can be better than this?

The accessories of Surface 3 include Touch and type covers, with a backlight system. The kickstand is much improved, the power cover enables you to get extra battery hours, and the music cover will give you extra music because it serves as a DJ mixer with necessary controls and hardware, the wireless adaptor for a better Bluetooth connectivity and so on. Surface 3 is followed by Surface 3 which is even a better version than all the other tablets manufactured by Microsoft. Running on a 64 bit version of Windows, Surface 3 has a bigger screen, almost 12 inches but is more slim and thin than Surface 3. There is a high friction kickstand which is even more improved because it can now tilt for greater angles, the type cover is given a new design altogether, the Bluetooth active pen is added powered by battery of the device, and you can now surf the internet for almost 9 hours without recharging the device at all. Isn’t that great? The internal structure of Surface 3 is made strong with a powerful Intel processor, with an enterprise secured TPM chip. You can choose for an Intel i3 processor with a maximum 128GB hard drive and a 4GB RAM, or an i5 processor with an 8GB RAM and 256 GB Hard drive or even an i7 processor with a maximum of 512 GB storage space for your data. However the price for each differs and grows higher as you move up. You cannot upgrade the internal storage however you may always use the MicroSD card slot, supporting 128GB of internal storage for your convenience. Surface 3 has an InstantGo feature which will always perform the power management jobs required in case needed which was not present in any of the versions earlier. There are three displays to be connected there, one at its own and the other external displays can be additionally plugged in with the help of a docking station. Among the accessories, the type cover is thinner and the touch pads are much improved. The docking station also allows connecting 5 USB ports, an Ethernet port with a gigabit speed, and mini display ports for audio inputs and outputs.

All these features are quite enough to make the cost of the Surface 3 and Surface 3 quite high and the reality is very close to that also. However, Microsoft has made the job easier for the buyer by announcing the promotional coupon codes which would reduce the price of the product to a great extent while the product is being purchased from online or even from the retail stores of Microsoft. You need to buy these promo codes before you purchase the devices, from internet or from any retail store, redeem them while you buy at the counter and go home happily after a lofty discount without creating any pressure on the wallet. Isn’t that good? Lots of these promo codes are available online and a little search will let you buy several of these. Not only can that if you have time you buy them from Microsoft stores as well. But the only thing is that they get exhausted within few hours of their announcements and so one need to hurry up. Grab your share of Microsoft promo code today so that the lofty discounts are availed by you as well with the others. Lots of Microsoft fans are waiting for the same and thus they may get out of stock at any point. Hurry up and get the discount coupons right today.

Fast, powerful and portable, Surface 3 is a wizard at work. Whether at home or at school, at work or at play- Surface Pro 3 is a delight to work with. With its third generation of Surface tablets, Microsoft brings you technology that’s flexible. Surface 3 not only brings you all the tools you need to turn your ideas into action but also gives you the freedom to do so anytime, anywhere- whether you’re at your desk, in your office, at home, at the canteen or on the bus! To be precise, it makes technology a part of your life- working the way you work, allowing you to share what you love, getting things done, learning and creating- the way you want!

The new Surface comes in two variants- Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3. With Surface Pro 3, you again have five buying options- 64GB/Intel i3, 128GB and 256GB/Intel i5; and 256GB and 512GB/Intel i7. Both the machines are incredibly fast- Surface 3 is powered by an Intel Atom x7 processor while Surface Pro 3 is fuelled by the 4th generation Intel Core processor family, making them thunderbolts at work. Choose your device wisely- Surface 3 is better suited for students and families while Surface Pro 3 is powered for professionals and creators. Even with Surface Pro 3, the Intel i3 processor powered device is ideal for web browsing, email, taking notes, reading and light office work while the Intel i5 Surface Pro 3 is built for gaming, intensive multi-tasking, streaming videos and more. The most powerful of them all is the Intel i7 Surface that’s perfect for HD Video editing, professional grade applications, Design and 3D modeling.

The defining factor for Surface has always been its flexibility, but this time it’s designed to completely replace your laptop. The more powerful click-in keypads and an even more adaptive kickstand makes Surface 3 a perfect blend of laptop-like performance with the style and convenience of a tablet. While the kickstand for Surface 3 features 3 inclination angles, the multi-position kickstand on Surface Pro 3 is a steal! It can flex up to an unbelievable 150 degrees- allowing you the flexibility of working comfortably from anywhere- at the desk, on the plane, on your lap or in front of the TV.

The all-new improved pen experience is another reason why you must get your Surface Pro 3. It offers the most natural writing experience- the Palm Block Technology ensures that you can rest your hand comfortably on the screen without leaving any marks while 256 levels of pressure sensitivity allows the pen to respond just like a real pen, creating thicker darker lines when you push harder. You can scribble random notes just like pen on paper, draw, sketch, paint, highlight PDF text and even make random notes on PDF documents.

With Surface 3, Microsoft makes technology a part of your life. It’s in all the little things you do throughout the day- from organizing your to-do list and helping your child with homework to serious business and entertainment or even connecting with your loved ones- transforming your life and making it a little more easily, every moment, every day. Get yours today!