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Microsoft Student Coupon Codes July, 2016

Microsoft online store has a gamut of software applications for students. The two most popular Microsoft home and student programs are Office for Mac Home and Student 2016 and Office Home and Student 2016. While the former, at $119.99, comprises a pack of Word, PowerPoint and Excel, the latter at $119.99 is a suite, complete with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Similarly there are various stand alone programs available for students as well. Not only do they make boring school work more interesting, they also encourage creativity by providing intuitive tools that can create the best-in-class documents and presentation. Not to forget mind skills! With its superb analysis tools, pictorials and graphs, Excel encourages the student mind to draw valuable inferences from surface data. Thus, these applications, on one hand make school work simpler and fun-to-do, and on the other hand, more qualitative.

What’s more! A lot of these applications are now available online at exclusive student discounts. For instance, the Office Home and Student 2016 is running a limited period offer of a 15% saving plus one year of free Skype calling to US and Canada. So how about being a Microsoft 2016 student?

Microsoft Student

Currently, such discounts are also available on the following products: Office University 2016, Windows 7 Professional Upgrade and Office for Mac University 2016. Besides, there are student offers on Xbox 360 and Kinect for Windows as well. Now that you are aware of these Microsoft student discounts, let us get into the intricacies of all you need to know prior to getting your Microsoft student promo codes.

Microsoft Student Store is a program specially designed for students, wherein eligible students can avail of special Microsoft 2016 student discounts on hardware and software. Through this program, eligible students can buy up to three software licenses in a year. However, students are restricted from buying more than one license per software title. Also, during a year span, a single household is eligible to purchase a maximum of three software licenses. Now, what makes you an eligible Microsoft student 2016 in the first place?

Microsoft student discounts eligibility criteria require you to be an enrolled student of an accredited educational institution, geographically based in the United States, and registered with a minimum of 0.5 course credit hours in that institution. Also, you must be able to provide proof of such enrollment, upon request by Microsoft or its vendors, at the time of purchase. In the process you will be asked by Microsoft to provide a valid email address from a U.S. higher educational institution. You may also be asked to log into their verification manager using credentials provided by your school.

In case of any discrepancies, you may contact the Microsoft student store on, with a scanned copy of your most recent school identity card, a current school report card, school enrollment letter endorsing that you continue to be their student in the current calendar year or a valid bus or train pass provided by the Government. During this process of verification, Microsoft Student Store creates a Windows Live ID (WLID) for you, which you can use across various Microsoft sites. This is your access to your Store account, which contain software product keys, using which you can download or re-download any software that you have purchased. And don’t worry! While these software programs come at academic discounts for students, there is absolutely no compromise on features. That is all the student versions of Microsoft software available through Microsoft student store have the same functionality as the regular versions. Another bit of useful information: You need JavaScript on your PC to avail of these student offers. This is because the student verification process requires you to login with your Windows Live ID account, which in turn requires JavaScript.

So now that you have complete information on all student offers and the process of eligibility, go grab your Microsoft student promo codes and bring home your “true friends”!!

Being a student has its own advantages, but Microsoft student discounts now bring you some that really count! And if you’re wondering just how, then check out these awesome deals Microsoft has come up with, only for students. These discounts span across diverse products from Software to Gaming and more.

Imagine a suite which makes your work easier, simpler and yet a cut above the rest. What if those school projects could become hassle free and still retain the Midas touch? Well, Microsoft student office 2016 now brings you the Office University 2016 at an exclusive student price of $99.99 only. Equipped with the upgraded versions of its earlier applications - Word 2016, Excel 2016, Outlook 2016, Access 2016, PowerPoint 2016, OneNote 2016 and Publisher 2016 - it has all those elements which can get you closer to that coveted top slot in school! Also, since this is a student only discount, your student status is liable to verification at the time of purchase. So hurry get your Microsoft office 2016 student promo code and avail this special discount.

Microsoft student store also brings you Windows 7 Professional Upgrade at a student price of $64.95. Now, what all can you do with Windows 7 Professional. You can record Internet TV, play crazy 3D games, and create presentations with embedded video and lots more! It includes Windows Media Centre which means you can watch your favorite movies and croon to your favorite music with the click of a finger. You also get stunning support for your game graphics with DirectX 11. But before you decide to buy this product you need to know two things. Firstly, buy an “Upgrade” version only if you are currently running any edition of either Windows XP or Windows Vista on your PC. Secondly, you need to decide whether a 32- or 64-bit is right for you. If you have 4GB of RAM (or more) installed on your computer, it would be a better idea to opt for a 64-bit. Also, you need to keep in mind that if you are running a 64-bit software on a PC running the 64-bit edition of Windows Vista, then a 32-bit Windows 7 upgrade may result in a failure of your 64-bit software. Guess it’s time to treat you to a Windows 7 student promo code?

And now, some good news for our young gamers. The Xbox Live 12-month Messenger 400 points Gold Starter Pack now comes for $53.99 only for students. This pack includes a 12 month subscription, chat pad, headset and 400 points, redeemable on Xbox Live Marketplace. If this excites you, then Microsoft student store still has more to drive you into ecstasy. Microsoft student store now brings you the Xbox LIVE 12-month Gold Card with an additional 800 points at a student price of $67.50. With this card, you can get yourself a year - long subscription to Xbox LIVE, so you can play games online and compete with gamers across the globe. Use the additional points to get add ones like new characters and more levels on your favorite games from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Now you can also get the Kinect for Windows at a Microsoft student 2016 discount price of $149.99 against a regular price of $249.99 – which means you save a whopping $100 on your purchase.

Now that you have the details on all existing Microsoft home and student offers, what are you waiting for – grab your promo codes and get going!

One of the world’s most valuable organizations and clearly the largest software maker, Microsoft Corporation, is a dominant player in the Office suites and PC markets. Microsoft Store online, the virtual counterpart of Microsoft Corporation, is home to a wide range of product categories, which make shopping for Office, Windows, Xbox, Hardware, Software, Phones and accessories as simple as a click on the mouse. Its student program, Microsoft Student Store, is also popular for the generous discounts and Microsoft student deals, announce periodically, across a wide range of product categories.

Microsoft Store online markets a range of computers and hardware from popular and trusted names such as Dell, ASUS, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Gateway, HP, Sony, Toshiba and VIZIO. These include everything from tablets and convertibles, slates and notebooks to all-in-ones and desktops. Available in varying hard drive sizes and prices that range from less than $500 to more than $1000, these computers feature Bluetooth, built-in webcam, Blu-ray Drive and all those essentials without which you can no longer imagine your life. And a Windows Student discount is all you require to possess one of these atan exclusive discounts!

Microsoft Store is now offering exclusive Microsoft student discounts off qualifying PC purchases. So, if you are a student, faculty or staff, all you need to do is visit Microsoft Student Store and furnish your valid, verifiable .edu email id. Post this, Microsoft will inbox you a Microsoft Student promo code, which can be used to get a 10% Microsoft student discount on any qualifying PC purchase. This offer is valid till June 30, 2016 and cannot be combined with any other student offers, nor can it be exchanged in lieu of cash or gift cards. However, a tad disappointingly, Microsoft’s fresh entrant, the Surface, has been kept outside the purview of this Microsoft promo code offer.

When it comes to software, Microsoft Store online is fully equipped with the latest stuff to keep you on top of things. Starting from Office Standalone programs to Office suites, with the newly introduced Office 365, Windows upgrades and more, Microsoft Store is over brim with personal and business software to help you excel in every field – whether it’s education and reference, games or finance! Software like the Office 365 University has been specially designed with additional features like cloud storage, Skype services and automatic updates to latest versions of Office apps, which makes it easier for student to collaborate on team projects and work in teams, even when from remote locations.

A range of other software, for instance Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, Map Points, Language Learning collections as well as additional skills software such as piano and guitar learning software, offered by Microsoft, are extremely beneficial to students.

As with PCs, there is an exclusive Microsoft Office student promo code of 10% discount on qualifying software purchases as well. This offer also runs through June 30, 2016. So hurry! Be the first pick your buy with Microsoft Office promo code, while stocks last!

Most of Microsoft’s software, such as Windows, Office etc. were designed to help students excel in their day-to-day assignments and learning. However, purchasing original software licenses from Microsoft has increasingly become a little hard on the pocket, especially for students. This was the paradox that gave birth to Microsoft Student Store.

Microsoft Student Store is a program that provides select software and hardware available to eligible students, faculty and staff, at Microsoft student discounts. This helps students to benefit from a range of Academic products from Microsoft, including Xbox LIVE, Windows, Office and Office for Mac etc, while economizing on all their buys. Academic software versions, that form a part of Microsoft student deals, are full-featured, in that they share the same functionality as their retail versions.

All you need to be eligible for such Microsoft student discount offers is a valid, verifiable email id, so Microsoft knows you are a student, faculty or staff member, at an eligible, accredited educational institution. Technically, though, you also need JavaScript on your PC and a Microsoft account, both of which are required during verification.

Currently, the Office 365 University is up for a special Microsoft Office student promo code. This software comes fully equipped with the latest versions of popular Office tools – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Publisher. These effortlessly ensure that you stay on top of competition, whether it’s a presentation you’re making or a project or just organizing your notes! The cherry on top, is over 20 GB of online storage via SkyDrive, that helps students avail Cloud Services and work in collaboration with their colleagues on team projects from remote locations. An additional advantage is 60 minutes of Skype Calls per month and automatic updates to the latest versions of Office apps.

Each eligible student can buy up to two Office 365 University products. Also, there has to be a gap of at least 3 years between a second activation and the initial activation.

Microsoft is also offering Windows 8 Pro Upgrade at an exclusive Windows student discount, which enables students to seamlessly transition into the “Beautiful, fast and fluid” world of Windows 8. Equipped with BitLocker, SmartScreen and Remote Desktop Connection, this Microsoft promo code upgrade is extremely beneficial when it comes to data security, remote location operability, and protection against malware. Each eligible student can purchase up to 5 licenses of this upgrade per 12 month period.

Whoever said being a student doesn’t pay back? With exclusive Microsoft Office promo code discount of 10% off select PC and software purchases, students can now save big time! All you need to do is enter your valid, verifiable .edu email id, and Microsoft will send you a Microsoft Student promo code.

This code can then be used to shop from Microsoft’s range of unbeatable software and computers, laptops and notebooks, desktops and more! Only Microsoft’s latest brainchild, Surface, has been kept out of it. This offer is valid till June 30, 2016.

So hurry! Get your Microsoft Student promo code NOW and jet-set-go into the world smart shopping!!

Microsoft Store online has an exclusive student wing – Microsoft Student Store, that frequently announces academic pricing on a lot of its Office and Windows products. Since original licenses can be a pricey affair, this offers a wonderful avenue for students, staff and faculty of recognized educational institutes to benefit from Microsoft products, at a considerably economic price. Academic versions are full-featured as the regular versions so the deals are truly a catch!

Off late, Microsoft has also announced significant cuts on select PCs and software, kinect and more. So whether it’s serious work or leisure-time fun, Microsoft is sure to keep you hooked with the best of its products.

Microsoft Student Store has announced a 10% discount on qualifying PCs, Surface tablets and software until June 30, 2016 or while supplies last. All you need to do is enter a verifiable .edu email id, and Microsoft will send your promo code straight to your inbox. The discounted price shows up once you enter the promo code at checkout.

If you are currently using Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP SP3 on your system and would like to transition to Windows 8 Pro, there can be no better time than now. For Microsoft has announced a special student price on Windows 8 Pro upgrade that’s $130 lesser the retail version tag. Windows Pro is enabled with a lot many enhanced features like Bit Locker Drive encryption, Smart Screen, Remote Desktop Connection, Windows to Go etc. over and above the ritual metro UI, cloud connectivity and Windows Store in the mainstream edition of Windows 8. That makes this offer an exemplary deal at a little over a third of the retail price!

The ultimate productivity software Office is now available in a comprehensive and low cost subscription alternative – Office 365. The cherry on top is that it’s up for a special student discount of 20% as well! Office 365 University is a collection of the latest 2016 applications – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher.

Plus it brings you additional SkyDrive capacity to the tune of over 20GB – that’s precisely three times the capacity on any other Office suite. It also includes 60 minutes of free Skype call facilities every month to phones in over 40 countries. You also get Office on Demand services, which means you can log in with your Microsoft account, stream in Office 2016, access your files from the cloud – in short work from anywhere, anytime, and that includes operating from a PC that doesn’t have Office 2016 installed at all! That’s not all; you will also be entitled to ongoing version updates. Plus the University suite is a four-year subscription package as opposed to the regular 1 year Office 365 Home Premium pack, and can be installed on up to 2 PCs or Macs plus select mobile devices too!

Well! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So Microsoft brings you exciting student pricing on Kinect for Windows and Xbox LIVE 12-month Gold Card + 800 points too!

Being a student has its own advantages, and a peek around Microsoft Student Store will tell you just how! The best of Microsoft products – hardware, software, video gaming et al – come under a single roof at Microsoft Student Store, and are made available to you at incredible and exclusive discount prices!

Want o upgrade to Office 2016 but can’t afford to buy a suite? Then it pays to know this. While most Office suites are in the range of $140 to $400, Microsoft Student Store brings you a cheap, convenient and comprehensive subscription alternative. Office 365 University is a suite that contains all the software applications featured in Office Professional at just 20% the price. Plus, the subscription stretches over 4 years, which means that one subscription is enough to cover the entire duration of your University studies!

With the latest and most upgraded tools of Office 2016, Office 365 University is designed to give you just the right competitive edge. An enhanced SkyDrive capacity gives you three times the storage space for any other Office suite and 60 minutes of free Skype calls each month let you stay connected to people who matter most. Your subscription also includes ongoing version updates and allows installation on up to 2 PCs or Macs plus select mobile devices.

Not only does Office 365 University feature your favorite programs on your most important gadgets, you can now access your files and documents from any remote computer, even if it doesn’t have Office 2016 installed on it. Office on Demand lets you easily log in to any system with your unique Microsoft ID and stream a copy of Office 2016 onto the computer. Cloud-integration lets you source your files from the cloud and get working in a jiffy. Once you’re done and the session is terminated, Office 2016 disappears from the system, but only after saving your work to the cloud! When all of this comes to you at just 20% of the price of a regular suite, do you really need to worry about paltry pocket money?

Microsoft’s new OS Windows 8 has been creating a lot of hoopla and the software giant’s making sure that students miss none of the fun! That’s why it’s got you a special upgrade to Windows 8 Pro at just about 34% of its retail price. And do remember that the Pro version comes with superior productivity features like Remote Desktop Connection, Smart Screen and Bit Locker drive encryption as well!

Currently, Microsoft Student Store is also running a limited period offer on select PCs, Surface tablets and software, wherein students, staff and faculty of a recognizable educational institute sporting a valid, verifiable .edu email address can get 10% off on a qualifying product.

While on one hand, Microsoft keeps you ahead of the race with smart gadgets and latest technology, on the other hand it provides you ample avenues of affordable entertainment too! Video-gaming never felt as exciting as now, with special student offers on Kinect for Windows and Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Card! So shop smart, work hard and party harder with great deals from Microsoft Student Store!

You must be happy to know that Microsoft has announced well designed lucrative promotional codes for every product and these are available in the internet as microsoft promo code 2016. These promotional codes are designed for every category of customer in Microsoft however, if you are a student, you can get additional benefits because there are few exclusively designed microsoft promo code student only for you. Don’t think if you are not a student then you cannot get any offers from the company. If you are in love with Xbox One, then you can look for some special microsoft promo code xbox one which will get you lofty attractive discounts while purchasing the game console. Surface and Surface 2 has recently become the choice of the crowd for the stunning features and beautiful looks. Interestingly the company has designed some lucrative microsoft promo code surface 2 for those who love to remain updated with latest gadgets. These promotional codes are available over the internet and few hours of search can get you good offers of your choice. Students are given special benefits by the company at every step because they are the biggest section of the users who constantly use the products of the company. Hence students can get a wide range of options in form of microsoft promo code for students manufactured by Microsoft for immense monetary benefits.

Whether it is hardware or software manufactured by the company, updates of several versions are always available from Microsoft, and so are the promotional codes. For example, if you are willing to purchase the Surface Pro you should look for an exclusively designed microsoft promo code surface pro for better options. Most of us prefer to purchase the products and the related promotional codes from the internet as that eliminates the need of physically going to the retail stores. There are few advantages in buying the codes from the stores as well. For example if you are buying an Xbox One from the store, you may obtain some extra discounts in form of microsoft store promo code xbox one which might not be available over the internet. Students may get some extra advantage here as well. They can look for microsoft store student xbox promo code and get those additional financial discounts on the choice of their product. What can be better than this?

Microsoft is an old company who understand the requirements of their customers to the maximum extent possible and students are those whom they love to cater over and above the homemakers or the professionals. These students will become their potential as well as permanent customers tomorrow-that’s the reason behind it. Hence the company gives utmost priority in designing suitable microsoft student discount promo code so that these young futures of the country become their future as well. Isn’t that a great marketing strategy? The company knows that students usually prefer purchasing the software from the stores so they have kept some additional microsoft store student discount code for these individuals. So there is no reason to waste your time and money while purchasing the Microsoft products without the promo codes. Offers of these microsoft student promo code 2016 are given only for limited time and may get exhausted anytime. So hurry up and purchase the one that suits your requirement and budget the best!