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Microsoft Office Coupon Codes May, 2016

Microsoft Office Promo code is your ticket to economy techno shopping from Microsoft. Coupons for microsoft office home and student 2016 are readily available on, whenever Microsoft makes a relevant announcement. While Microsoft store promo codes bring you a gamut of products ranging from software, hardware, computer games to accessories and more, the Office Home and Student is one of the most highly rated products. And you can now use your Microsoft promo code Office 2016 to shop for this popular suite at whopping discounts as well!

Now Microsoft Home and Student 2016 download brings you easy access to the Office Home and Student suite, from the comfort of your home. One of the top sellers, this suite comprises the new, upgraded 2016 versions of the most time tested applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note. Using promo codes for Microsoft Office, you could purchase this suite at a much lower cost and benefit from the improvements that the upgraded versions bring you.

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Microsoft Office 2016

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Microsoft Office

Word’s new user interface features a highly improved Ribbon, which brings back the File Menu. The Backstage feature is your reference point for any function that you cannot find on Word 2016. The Protected View feature works on documents that are downloaded from the web or come as email, and are deemed to be a risk. And the cheapest way to try out these exciting features is to grab a microsoft office 2016 promo code and enjoy the fruits of smart shopping!

As with Word 2016, Excel 2016 also features Protected View, collaborative editing and a new Ribbon. The Ribbon, while sporting the traditional File Menu, has pepped up a lot of what it earlier looked like. Now, a click on File would mean an entire backstage opening up full screen to cover your current worksheet. What’s more - you can save your Excel sheets to Sky Drive online so you can access it later from anywhere without having to physically carry your laptop! The best addition to Excel 2016, are the Spark lines and Slicers, which deepen your insight and let you graphically draw helpful inferences from most mundane data charts. And a promo code for office home and student 2016 can take you one step closer to relishing all of these features within your budget!

Microsoft office promo code is also your chance to acquaint yourself cheap with Office PowerPoint’s exciting new features. With PowerPoint 2016 backstage you can make a video or an auto run CD of your own presentation. Also, there are no limitations on file sizes of embedded sound files, which means you can do a lot more to jazz up your presentation. Not to forget a lot of upgraded media capture and editing tools as well. For instance you can now embed a video clip into your presentation, and PowerPoint will let you trim videos according to the length of video that you would like to use in your presentation. One Note too comes with improvements such as the Send to OneNote print driver for 64 bit operating systems, the mini translator, better navigation controls, pinch zooming and more. So, get your coupons for microsoft office home and student 2016 and redefine the way you work!

With the launching of microsoft office Mac student, people are introduced to some of the most versatile applications which are bound to captivate the imagination of the people. There are several applications such as Microsoft Excel, power point and word, incorporated into the MS office for further enhancement of the business package. Mac promo code is used to obtain fabulous deals with rock bottom discounts for purchasing the office package. Professionals and students are able to create some of the best business documents and the dissertations with MS word and Excel at their disposal. People can create awesome presentations to impress the audience with the usage of microsoft office for Mac coupon which allows the customers to share various files across the internet. Released in the year 2011, the application is available in multiple editions to the users. Home and student version pertains to the customers with basic requirements providing them an ideal platform to achieve the stated objectives. Besides Home and business editions are bundled together along with communicator and outlook to facilitate speedy transfer of data.

Promo codes for microsoft office 2016 for Mac could be downloaded from the online websites and is used to purchase the office software from various Microsoft stores at jaw dropping prices. Coupled with an inbuilt Web app support, customers could easily edit and create documents in shared mode. With the help of a compatible browser one can perform the tasks in a hassle free manner because it combines with the office application to help in effective collaboration among the team members working across different time zones.

Inclusion of the chat support with messenger is an additional bonanza because it offers seamless communication among the across the internet. Promo codes for office Mac 2016 are instrumental in reducing the overall expenditure in purchasing the license for the coveted business software. The chat application is perfectly compatible with the Mac 8 operating system which is known for ease of use and durability.

Promo code for office for Mac helps the customers to access the long awaited product launched with much fan and fare. It is bundled with some cutting edge technological attributes like remote desktop. By remotely logging into the system, one can easily control the computer which is thousands of miles away. Irrespective of the operating system, users can access the laptop through the MAC 8 OS.

Promo code office for Mac 2016 has been introduced to target budget buyers since it provides huge reduction in the price of the MS office. Schools and many enterprises are deploying the software and increasing their efficiency through seamless networking. To find the microsoft office for Mac 2016 promo code, one can visit a conventional store; however internet is the best option to offer exemplary results. To access various editions, it is important to purchase the voucher provided at a nominal price. Office for Mac 2016 promo code can be installed on the system however the machine should be equipped with Mac OS with version 10.5.8 and Intel processor. To handle the complexity of the application, computer must exhibit 1GB ram with a 2. 5 GB of secondary storage for archiving the files.

Microsoft office 2016 Mac promo code is supported by the Mac Os extended format accompanied by the DVD drive connected to the local area network with optimum performance. As an icing on the cake, promo codes for microsoft office for Mac help the prospective customers to avail the amazing standard edition which could be deployed for unlimited time period.

Microsoft office Mac promo code should be connected to the internet for regular updates; however it could only be performed with the creation of the window Live ID. Office for Mac promo code has plethora of security related features for the users who can save the folder in a network drive which could be retrieved depending on the desires and the specifications of the users. Office Mac promo code for students is available at an unbelievable price of 100$ which is a far cry from the actual cost of 149$ due to the usage of discount coupons. Analyzing the microsoft office for Mac promo code, one would find that total cost of the application package is on the higher side. It is priced at 145$ due to the large number of additional features which help the users to connect to the Lync server of the Microsoft. To purchase the license of microsoft office promo code mac, one needs to specify the number of computers because the prices might go upward. Due to the wide variety of options and attractive costs, MS office suite for the Macintosh devices has provided spectacular performance.

Microsoft store promo code is a coupon that is issued by Microsoft Corporation, corresponding to a discount on any of its products, and is readily available on While these discounts are applicable to a vast range of product categories, Microsoft office promo codes have consistently remained high in demand. And now with exclusive Microsoft Office student discounts on an array of Office 2016 products, university grads can buy Microsoft Office 2016 cheap directly from Microsoft store online!

Since the 2016 versions of Office applications come with multiple improvements over their predecessors, such Microsoft Office promo discounts allow students to explore current developments without exhausting their savings! For instance, Word 2016 comes refurbished with a new improved Ribbon and powerful tools like Smart Art, Word Art, Visual effects, Light and 3D effects that add finesse to professional quality documents. Excel 2016 features Protected View, a new Backstage and the exciting new Spark lines and Slicers! You can also save your Excel sheets to SkyDrive so you can access it later virtually from anywhere!

Now you can spruce up your presentation with embedded sound files and video like never before. For one, PowerPoint 2016 employs no limits on the size of embedded sound files, and you can also trim videos to precision as per your requirement! With all these improvements, Office can transform even the most boring projects into fun filled forays – so hurry! Check out Office offers online and be sure to grab the right promo codes for Microsoft Office!

Microsoft Office promotion code now brings you all these improvements in Stand Alone programs as well as Suites, to suit your need. Suites are combination packs of four or more Office tools. All of the three suites that Microsoft offers have Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note in their 2016 versions. Additionally, Office Home and Business 2016 features Outlook, and Office Professional features Outlook, Access and Publisher in their 2016 avatars. Your promo code Microsoft Office can earn you a special student only discount on Office University 2016, at an exclusive student price of $99.99 only and it includes all of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher in their 2016 versions!

Office Home and Student comes for $139.99. But if you use promo code for Microsoft Office to purchase the product for “up to three PC’s”, the same license can be used for installation on three home computers, for a marginally higher $139.99. There are similar offers available on the Office Home and Business and Office Professional as well, wherein by paying a small extra charge, you can use the same license for up to two PCs.

And now Mac users can seamlessly access Office on their computers as well - promo code for Office for Mac brings you MS Office for Mac 2016. Mac compatibles 2016 include improved versions of all your favorite oldies like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint etc. A number of reviews also suggest that Office for Mac 2016 features improved Automator support for building Automator Workflows in Office 2016 products.

Office for Mac is available in two variants: Home and Student 2016 and Home and Business 2016. Priced at $119.99 and $199.99 respectively, both run 2016 versions of applications parallel to their Office 2016 counterparts, with the exception of OneNote. Office for Mac University 2016 featuring Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook is up for a student only Office Mac promo code offer of $99.99 only. So, if you are smart enough, you’ll realize that what is otherwise priced at $199.99 now comes to you at a whopping $100 saving, with an Office for Mac promo code.

So keep your eyes and ears open and don’t miss any deals – your promo code Microsoft store is the smartest way you can stay updated without breaking the bank!

Microsoft Store is home to a wide range of products, from hardware to software, gaming and more. But the one product that has consistently topped its list of customer favorites is Microsoft Office. With a view to make its Office products available to the masses, Microsoft frequently releases MS Office promo code 2016 on its Office products, which bring about considerable reductions to regular prices, especially if you are a student.

Microsoft has recently launched the new and upgraded version of Office – Office 2016, in four value packs. Office Products come as standalone programs as well. Hence, in case you do not need program packs, you can always opt for the Standalones. The new Office 2016 comes with some very useful additions. So, look out for promo code for Microsoft Office 2016 and possess the latest software at the least!

To mention a few, it now sports a crisper look, somewhat imitating the Metro interface. Office 2016 looks a lot more minimalist with fewer colors and distractions that help you focus more on your work. It is integrated with SkyDrive and SharePoint that help you to save data online and access, edit and share documents that appear in various internet-connected devices. This makes it easier for you to work in collaboration with your colleagues, even from remote locations. Enjoy all these features and more, for less, only with promo code Microsoft Office 2016.

Office 2016 also incorporates the Touch screen mode, in that you can read word documents without having to use the mouse to scroll up or down, the same effect can now be achieved by swiping your finger horizontally! Experience the feel of touch, for less, with Microsoft Office promo code 2016!

PDF editing is another area where Office 2016 has made significant improvements. For instance, earlier, while you could save a Word doc as a PDF file, it was not possible to make changes to a PDF in Word, without first converting them to Doc or DocX. Word 2016, however, can open PDF files in Word, edit and save them as Doc X Files or PDFs! Enjoy these nuances at a price that’s delightful, with promo codes Microsoft Office 2016.

New Office Stand-Alone programs include customer favorites Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016 and Outlook 2016. New Office 2016 suites include Office Home and Student 2016, Office Home and Business 2016, Office Professional 2016 and Office 365 Home Premium. So, stay tuned for news on Microsoft Office 2016 promo codes, the only avenue where their price meets your affordability.

The one suite that steals the show is Office 365 Home Premium. At about one-fourth the price of Office Professional, this suite from Microsoft includes all programs that feature in Office Professional. Plus, it also comes with over 20 GB of online data storage capacity through SkyDrive, which is more than three times the online storage capacity of any other suite! And that’s not all – Office 365 gives you 6o free minutes of Skype calls each month to phones in over 40 countries! Get all this for less, with Office 2016 promo code.

Sometimes, being a student can bring you a big bonanza. Now you can get a Microsoft Office student discount 2016 of $20 on Office 365 University, the academic version of Office 365 Home Premium, with Microsoft Office discount code 2016.

So hurry! Get your promo code for Microsoft Office 2016 NOW - a minute lost equals an offer missed!

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 promo code provides the most economical avenue to shop for some of the latest software applications from Microsoft. In the incessant struggle for a better life, hard work invariably needs to be complemented by smart work. Superior technology has therefore become an indispensable way of life. Promo code for Office Home and Student 2016 takes care to ensure that the best of technology comes to you at an affordable price so life can be easier, simpler and better.

January 2013 saw the release of the latest versions of these applications and more. Microsoft home and student promo code brings you the new Office in an array of standalone applications. However, should you require more than one application on your PC, it is definitely more cost effective to get Office Home and Student 2016 promo code for Office suites rather than the stand alone applications. Very often Microsoft also announces Microsoft student promo code on its Office applications, so educational pricing on academic products from Microsoft Student Store could also get you the best of Office products at unbelievably cheap rates.

The most basic suite woven out of the latest Office versions is Office Home and Student 2016. It includes four core Office applications – Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. The cheapest of Office suites that can be installed and used throughout the lifetime of your PC, it helps you effectively work through home work and homework with maximum agility. Promo code for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 is where price meets affordability, so if you’re lucky to land one, you could catch this productivity suite a lot cheaper as well.

Promo code for Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student lets you create beautifully and share seamlessly, as you access, edit and work with your most important files and documents virtually anytime, anywhere. With 7 GB online SkyDrive storage, Office Home and Student automatically saves your files, clicks, presentations and electronic notebooks to your hard drive and the cloud simultaneously, so you can edit and share them from any internet connected machine with a supported browser.

With impressive improvements like the addition of online media content to Word documents, an innovative Bookmark feature and PDF editing in Word to the new Presenter View in PowerPoint, the new Office thrives in changes that are utilitarian to the core. These nuances not only enable you to turn beautiful ideas into eye-catching projects, but also let you connect and share them trouble-free.

In the hustle-bustle of everyday life, where time has become the scarcest commodity, Office Home and Student 2016 promo code brings you some much-needed respite – Surely an Office suite that helps you so efficiently accomplish everything from homework to home work is nothing short of two extra right hands on your being! And if that sounds like a breather, its time you experienced the new Office first-hand, at a delightfully cheap price with Microsoft Home and Student promo code.

Microsoft Office 2016 is as versatile as you could imagine it to be. Office 2016 is built to complement your multi-gadget lifestyle and works seamlessly across an array of devices – tablets, smart phones, PCs and even machines that don’t have Office installed! And it’s much more heavily cloud integrated now, so you can virtually access work from just about anywhere.

Office 2016 is also being marketed in a novel way too – so you’ll notice two types of Office 2016 suites on the racks. The regular retail versions, which include Home and Student 2016, Home and Business 2016 and Professional 2016 are progressively priced and are eligible for lifetime installation on a single PC.

Now here’s what you’ll love. For those who find these suites a pricey affair and would like to install Office 2016 on multiple devices, Microsoft has an exciting subscription alternative titled Office 365. Office 365 is available in convenient monthly and annual subscriptions and suites like Office 365 Home Premium can be installed on up to 5 PCs or Macs plus select mobile devices as well.

This feature is going to make a lot of sense when it comes to getting work done with the click of a finger. Like this. Read a Word document at work. Bored? Take a sip at your coffee, gossip, galavant. Catch the next bus home and read the remaining bit, right from where you broke off from your mobile phone, on your way back. When your work travels with you everywhere, you can do just what you want, when you want, the way you want – the freedom it gives you is an unparalleled experience!

The icing on the cake is that Office 365 gets you all that the regular suites do. In fact, more. How? Office 365 Home Premium brings you all the applications of Office Professional – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher. Plus it features additional SkyDrive capacities of over 20 GB – that’s three times the SkyDrive storage of any other Office suite. What’s more - You get Office on Demand services and 60 minutes of free Skype calls per month to phones in over 40 nations as well. And if you are a student, you get an exciting price rebate on it too!

Of course there are over a dozen stand alone Office 2016 applications in case you don’t require a whole suite. There’s a smart Language Pack as well, that would be most useful for those whose work involves translation, writing or editing stuff in multiple languages.

For long, Microsoft had been using Windows as their primary OS. However the surge of Mac user’s world over has now led to the development of Mac-compatible Office programs. So even if you operate a Mac, don’t worry – you can still have your favorite Office applications installed on them. Office for Mac comes in two suites – Home and Student 2016 and Home and Business 2016. Shared applications between the two include Word, PowerPoint and Excel, while the latter suite also sports Office Outlook to simplify your email life manifold.

Being a student sure has its perks, and nothing says it better than the Office 365 University promo code.

Microsoft recently announced a Microsoft Office University promo code offer on the Office 365 University suite, making it the cheapest Office 2016 suite on the racks. A comprehensive pack of all the Office applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Publisher- in their latest versions, it is 20% cheaper than the Office 365 Home Premium suite, with promo code for Microsoft Office University.

Both Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 University are subscription alternatives to the retail Office suites – Office Home and Business 2016, Office Home and Student 2016 and Office Professional. An Office 365 University promo code is particularly useful, if you have more than one computer in your household, because the other Office suites allow one license to be used on one computer only.

In contrast, Office 365 Home Premium, which is available on a 1 year subscription, can be installed on 5 PCs or Macs plus select mobile devices. Likewise, Office 365 University, offered on a 4 year subscription, can be installed on 2 PCs or Macs plus select phone devices as well! So, get your Microsoft Office 365 promo code today and stay synced across multiple devices at minimum cost!

Plus Microsoft Office 365 coupon code also facilitates 60 minutes of free Skype calls per month to phones in over 40 countries, for both Office 365 Home Premium and University suites.

Microsoft Office 365 promotional codes also offers over 20 GB of SkyDrive capacity on both these suites, which is triple that of the other Office 2016 suites. These subscriptions also include ongoing version updates and Office on Demand services.

All you need to do is sign in to using your Microsoft id, and Microsoft will extract a copy of Office 2016 onto that computer. You can then work with the software, saving your files to the cloud. When you terminate your Office on Demand session, the software vanishes, leaving behind no trace of your work. This makes it possible for you to virtually access your work from anywhere, anytime!

Microsoft Office 365 coupon code also offers the Small Business Premium Edition, and this is what you can expect in this suite: Shared calendars, license to install on 5 PCs, a 25 GB mailbox, 10 GB of cloud storage, plus 500 MB per user, HD videoconferencing and Website hosting.

Microsoft Office promo code 2016 brings a lot of new and exciting features in all the Office versions. Word comes with new Read Mode and Bookmark features, Excel has new maths, statistical, trigonometrical, logical, lookup and text tools; PowerPoint has an innovative Presenter View and Outlook comes with Peeks and Inline replies for faster and more effective business communication. Access and Publisher come with significant improvements as well.

So overall – the Office 365 suites bring you an array of stellar applications at their latest best! Of course the only thing better than the suite itself, is the price at which you get it, with Microsoft Office 365 promo code!

What’s on the table, what’s hot and what’s not with Office 2016 promo code?

Buying your favorite Office products seems doubly delightful with Microsoft Office 2016 promo code. For one, it gives you access to superior technology and for two, it comes at amazingly low prices! So let’s take a look at what’s on the table, what’s hot and what’s not with Office 2016 promo code.

Microsoft Office promo code 2016 brings you over a dozen Stand alone applications and three suites. The 2016 stand alone applications include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote, Vision and Project in various editions. Moreover, Office 2016 promo code also gives you access to three value packs – Office Home and Student 2016, Office Home and Business 2016 and Office Professional 2016.

Should you find these suites a costly affair, promo code for Microsoft Office 2016 offers a subscription alternative, Office 365, as well. Office 365 is available in four suites – Home Premium, University, Small Business Premium and Mid Size Business.

Released in January 2016, the new Office sports subtle but very utilitarian changes. Word 2016, one of the core Office applications, has undergone some very interesting changes. The new Word brings to the fore a crisp and flatter Read Mode, that allows you to focus on your work, with minimum distraction. A unique bookmark feature lets you take off a document from where you left off last, even on a different device. You can now make your content dynamic with new video insertion features in Word 2016. You can now use promo code for Office 2016 on any of the Office suites or subscription alternatives to enjoy all these nuances of Word.

Excel has new tools in the math’s and trigonometric, statistical, text, logical and lookup categories. They also allow for richer data with connectivity to Azure, OData etc. PowerPoint comes with a unique Presenter View which lets the audience focus on the presentation while you get to view the notes and data crucial to context. Use promo codes Microsoft Office on Office Home and Student, Home and Business, Professional or 365 and get a first-hand experience of what the new Office feels like!

Promo code Microsoft Office 2016 also brings Outlook with improvements such as Peeks, Inline replies; consolidated contact lists among others that make Office Professional and Office 365 very business-efficient. Access and Publisher come with great improvements too, and they can be used as part of Office Professional or any of the Office 365 suites.

Microsoft Office 2016 promo codes also bring you some added advantages on Office 365 suites. For instance Office 365 Home Premium and University feature thrice the SkyDrive capacity of any other Office suite. Plus you also get 60 minutes of free Skype calls to phones in over 40 countries! The subscription also includes ongoing version updates, so you’re on top of technology always. What’s more, with Office on Demand services, you can work virtually anytime, anywhere!

Licenses for the regular suites are installable on a single computer only but the subscription alternatives come with multiple device installation options against a single license. So hurry – Grab your Office 2016 promo code at once and get the suite that suits you best!

Have you heard of the latest Office 365 personal from Microsoft exclusively designed for personal use of an individual? This newly launched online version of the traditional software has incorporated several advantageous features in comparison and is based on cloud computing. Like all other versions of the software, Microsoft has launched a lucrative set of office 365 personal promo code so that you can get several financial benefits along with the software. You can subscribe to the online services of Office 365 and can also use Sharepoint online, Exchange online, Lync online and other web applications from Microsoft. Cloud computing services have become a utmost important for any business house and hence Office 365 has soon become their favorite. Further they can search for several types of promo code office 365 which can earn them lots of financial benefits as the redemption of these codes reduce the price of the software to a considerable extent. For users, the company has provided a lot of benefits through cloud computing services as they can now finish their works from a remote place without being in front of their desktop or laptop and they just need a internet connection for using the services.

Hundreds of people all across the world look for suitable microsoft office 365 promo code which are time and again announced by Microsoft for their brand followers. Office 365 enables an IT admin to control and handle the infrastructure from a remote place at ease as if he is in the office. Cloud computing feature of Office 365 has also made the he maintenance and support jobs for the IT industry much easier and flexible. Office Personal will be useful for the users to a great extent and hence the company has also launched the lucrative office 365 personal coupon code for the eager buyers. Microsoft takes care of every category of customers willing to buy their products and hence for the business class they have designed the office 365 Business version for a better performance. Along with that they have also launched office 365 small business premium promo code so that on redemption the business customers get great deals with the company.

Students find MS office suite very useful as they can compete their school projects within time and at ease from anywhere anytime. The company kept the need in mind and has designed office 365 student promo code exclusively for financial benefits of these future of the country. Students in colleges and universities also need Office 365 for their projects and presentations and this time Microsoft has not disappointed them and launched suitable microsoft office 365 university promo code. There is good news for the home users as well. Apart from being privileged to connect their services to almost 5 tablets and 5 PC’s these lucky users can also get free Skype calling hours and extra storage space from the company. Further they may also ask for the lofty discounts on the purchase of the software as the company has exclusively designed microsoft office 365 home premium coupon code so that they can redeem these codes and strike a lucrative deal with the company. So hurry up and search for the promotional codes right today!

Microsoft is one of the most well known digital product manufacturers that has gifted the world some of the best products especially software suites like Microsoft Word 365. Not only that, the company, having understood the requirement of the customers, also launches several updates on the software so that they can be made compatible with the different PC’s and smart phones. MS office is indeed one creation from Microsoft that you can never live without and it doesn’t matter whether you are a home maker or a hardcore professional. The updated version of Office 365 has been modified a lot so that the users can use them in both Microsoft compatible Windows or even at MAC. With new Office 365, you can now have a better MS word with lots of updated features like converting content from PDF at ease and can now easily format MS excel for your numerical chores. There you will find several newly launched patterns and can auto complete data by itself. PowerPoint now contains several added features which can allow you to get a better presentation for your company with several multimedia and graphical elements being added to it. Interestingly the new version is compatible with several devices like smart phones, iPad, running on higher versions so that the software can be made a part of everyone’s life.

If you are using Windows, you will be able to use Win 7, or Win 8 and gels along with the older versions of the OS as well. For business emails, one can rely upon Outlook fully because it gives you several advantages to send emails with attachments to be added even more than 25MB. Each user can get a space of 50GB for mailbox and you can now use your web browser to use MS outlook or even download the web app for an easy access. Won’t you like to compose your mails in the same format as you would have done from a PC while you are on your mobile? Online conferencing is highly possible with online meetings, audio and video exchanges using a click in full HD. Instant messaging becomes quite easy with Skype working the best with the new Office 365. You can get the facility of video calls, and voice calls along with it. It is also easy design, update and maintain a website which everyone can see and use.

Strikingly you do not need a hosting fee in addition to that and at ease can use your personal domain name in order to promote your own brand. Can anything be better than this? With the new updated versions of Word 365, you can use around 1 TB of data storage per user to store all important documents of yours. You can also at ease access them from anywhere at any point of time. File sharing becomes easier for the users now with people both from inside as well as outside the company, and you can control all the people who can see or edit your files so as to easily synchronize with devices. Working with a team is the best through the newly updated MS word as because around 10 GB baseline storage is allotted with a 500 MB per user which is a good figure for an entire team to work. If you are thinking about how secure your data will be, you don’t worry at all. All your data is highly secured and password protected so that you can access them at any point of time without any issues. Reliability is also there as you may be getting the financially backed SLA with the company so just use the services of the newly launched MS word and get the best out of it.

Support is provided by the company to the fullest, with the help of telephone and over the internet solutions. You can also find out several ways to know how to use the resources, and also can get several other ways to get connected to the other customers for a better knowledge share. If you have already deployed the new MS office 365 at your place, you will find it very easy to administer it as well. The reason is simple, the user interfaces are so well defined that you can simply get things done with simple clicks hence you do not need any separate IT staff in your company. Will not that save a lot of money for you? However you will get several other means of saving money as well if you are purchasing the Office suite with promotional coupon codes. These coupon codes are specially designed for the loyal customers of Microsoft which can be redeemed at any point of time while you are purchasing it. They are readily available over any of the Microsoft shops or if you can find out some time to be spent over the internet, you can get better options as well. There are thousands of options available which can be redeemed at every purchasing centre, and you will get the Office suite at a reasonable lesser price than the market retail price.

The main motive of designing these promotional codes is to promote the retail stores of the company that are spread across the corners of the world. Usually people have stopped going to stores because now everything is available over the internet as a result the sales volume has reduced their drastically. In order to bring a boost to it, the company has designed some special offers which are available at the stores only that can add some more discount to final price. What can be better than this? So don’t waste your time and try to grab the best of the offers from the company in order to make the deal more interesting. These will finish off as soon as they are declared because several customers are looking for the same as soon s they are declared. So delaying would make the offer go away from you and make you lose one of the best of the opportunities.

Life is busy. Simplify with Office

Holiday season is here, and you’re probably still trying to squeeze in some last-minute shopping. Here’s news from Microsoft, to get you really excited! Microsoft has been in the business of providing creative solutions to your everyday tasks since long. A brand that’s committed to making life easier, Microsoft now showcases an array of super-utility Office products at never-before prices and with better support. What better way to delight someone you love, than gifts that they could use lifelong!

Office 365 Home features Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access 2016. It can be installed on up to 5 PCs or Macs, plus 5 iPads or Windows tablets. So basically, you share subscription benefits with four other members, who will each manage their individual accounts through their Microsoft login. You also get 1TB OneDrive storage per user. Just to give you an idea of the enormity of virtual storage space that you get with Office 365, 1TB can accommodate 1million office documents plus 100 videos plus 90,000 photos. Add to that, 60 minutes of free Skype calls per month to phones in over 60 countries and ongoing access to updates- and you’ve got a stellar combo. Office 365 Personal offers all the features of Office 365 Home, but you can use your subscription to install Office 365 on 1 Mac or PC, plus 1iPad or Windows tablet; against 5 PC’s or Macs plus 5 iPads or Windows tablets on Office 365 Home. Office 365 University is a 4 year subscription that gets you all the features of Office 365 Home at a considerably less price. This is a special offer only for students, and you can install it for 2 devices, including PCs, Macs, iPads or Windows tablets.

Office Home and Student 2016 features Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. All the applications come with the latest 2016 features and a crisp, clutter-free modern interface. You also get to view, share and edit your documents online and save your files to OneDrive for easy access anytime, anywhere. You can install Office 2016 on 1 PC. Office Home and Business 2016 adds Outlook to the above portfolio and Office Professional 2016 features all of these plus Access and Publisher.

Office for Mac Home and Student 2016 is Office compatible with Mac OS, but you get 2016 versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Of course, you can save in OneDrive and view, share and edit documents online. As with the rest of Office 2016 suites, it is for installation on a single PC. Add Outlook to the above and you have Office for Mac Home and Business 2016. For those who already run an active subscription of Office 365 Small Business Premium, Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal, you can now renew your subscription with ongoing access to updates. If your time limit hasn’t expired yet, the remaining time will get added to your new subscription. However, if you want to change to a different Office 365 combo, you will have to discontinue your existing subscription and buy a new one (the remaining time on your previous subscription will get added to your new Office 365 subscription anyway).

If you’re flabbergasted with the dizzying variety, a comparative look at the different Office products will help you understand which product suits you best. Basically, there are three categories of Office suites- Office 365, Office 2016 and Office for Mac. Office for Mac is Microsoft Office compatible with the Mac OS. So even if you’re not using the Windows interface, you can still benefit from awesome Office features on your Mac.

Office 2016 is a one-time buy that makes you the owner of your suite. Office 365 is more like a rented arrangement that allows you one year subscription (more, if you qualify for the student offer) to the product, after which you must renew as and when your subscription expires, to enjoy uninterrupted services. Secondly, with Office 365, you have ongoing access to version updates. With Office 2016, you would currently be enjoying the latest Office features, but it doesn’t give you automatic upgrade to a newer version of Office, when it is available. With Office 365, Microsoft is aggressively pushing customers into buying a product that offers greater features, at a lesser one-time pinch to your pocket, with ongoing access to version updates. Even the accumulated cost of renewing your Office 365 subscription will take anywhere between one and half to twenty years (depending upon which Office 365 and Office 2016 suite you’re comparing), to match the one-time price you pay for an Office 2016 suite.

Also, while you can install Office 2016 on 1 computer for lifetime, Office 365 allows you to share your subscription on multiple computers and phones- you only need to keep renewing your subscriptions on time. Office 365 is heavily cloud-integrated too- providing 1TB additional storage on OneDrive. Plus, your smartphone- Windows, Android or iOS- stays synchronized with your Microsoft Account, so you can literally access any document, file, photos or videos anytime, anywhere and from any device. All Office 365 suites feature all the software you use most everyday (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and Access), but different Office 2016 suites have their own selections of these software to offer.

Office 365 works on Mac as well. However, on Mac, you don’t get the Publisher, Access and OneNote applications on Mac. Also Office 2016 is the application version available currently for Mac- customers with an active subscription to Office 365 are entitled to the newest versions, when available. You can also have the option of shopping standalone apps like Word, Access, Outlook and others. But, it must be a one-time purchase- there’s no subscription offer on standalone software. Now that you have a fair idea of your choice basket, go ahead and take your pick!

With tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote, Office is probably the only tool you’d need to see you through school. Plus, with Office Online and OneDrive, it’s easier now than ever to share and collaborate with friends over homework or projects and assignments. The good news is Microsoft has now made it absolutely free for students with Office 365 Education.

First, let’s take a look at all the ways in which Office can make life as a student simpler and a whole lot exciting for you. The basic functions are known to us- the latest versions of apps like Word and PowerPoint help you create captivating documents and spreadsheets with greater depth and insight. Now, there’s a lot more that you can do with Word than just create dead text- you can embed pictures, videos and other media content, without having to move out of your page and a lot of improved tools in Excel make data more meaningful. OneNote is another wonder tool. Capturing A-to-Z of an entire lecture is a near impossible task- we all know that. It’s often times not possible to keep pace with all that your lecturer is talking about and be able to take down all of it into your notepads and copy diagrams from the whiteboard- all at a time. With OneNote, it’s simpler- just snap photos of the whiteboard on your device- smartphone or tablet, and OneNote will trim and enhance it so it reads better! Audio record the lecture and just jot down the important parts of the lecture instead of trying to do a word-on-word duplicate. OneNote will link your notes to the audio, so it’s easier for you to join the dots when you go back home and try to recapitulate the day’s work. Of course, you may also sketch diagrams right onto your screen using the stylus or handwrite notes if you find it more natural than typing in- and OneNote will automatically turn it into digital text. Or if your lecture is PowerPoint based, you can always take pictures of lecture slides and keep them with your notes; and even write down random notes alongside them. There’s no end to freedom when it comes to capturing instant “gotchas” or random notes- you can arrange your thoughts anywhere. Write on top of photos or printouts, organize with sticky notes to make sense of your ideas and comment by writing in the margins. Learn the way you want, at your pace. When it comes to research work and projects, Office can change the way you do your analysis and research work. It’s so easy to capture a web page in any browser with a single click and then annotate the page in OneNote. Plus, it’s easy to share notes with your friends from OneNote if you have their email- so on days that a friend is absent from class or you are unable to make it to school, you can easily catch up on the day’s work. OneNote helps you stay more organized and on top of all your school work. You can share and edit work in real time too and it’s umpteen times easier to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

With Office Online and OneDrive, real-time collaboration becomes quick and easy. You can use this service anytime, anywhere and from any device. All you need is a Microsoft account- this is an email id (although it’s called your Microsoft account, it needn’t be a Microsoft email address). that you will need to sign in to the service. It’s the same email id that you use to sign in to Outlook or XBox LIVE. If you’re a student trying to access free Office Online services as part of the Office 365 Education plan, you’ll have to log in with you school sign-in. Once logged in, you’ll be able to see the Office online home page, which is similar to the tiled interface of a Windows 8 start screen. Click on the tile (the app- Word Online, Excel Online etc.) you want to use and get set go. Create, edit and open documents online, store them in your OneDrive, share them with friends, maintain an online calendar and manage your contact lists- all for free!

So that’s a peek at how Office can help you with your school work. Now there are different ways you get to buy Office, as a student. The most economical option for you would be Office 365 Education. This is an Office 365 plan wherein students can get Office free, if their academic institution is eligible for and has purchased Office for faculty and staff. This plan will let you install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access on up to 5 PCs or Macs and Office apps on other mobile devices including Android, iPad and Windows tablets. It also includes to 1TB of OneDrive storage, managed by the school, and students can edit and collaborate using Office Online, Yammer, and SharePoint sites. Check if your However to get all these services free, your school will have to “buy” the appropriate Office plan and in order to be eligible to do that, your school should be having licensed Office institution-wide for its faculty and staff through Microsoft’s volume licensing program. And it should also have to be registered with Microsoft to allow students to log in directly. Students can avail of this benefit as long as they continue being part of the qualified school and once you become an alumni, your Office account goes into reduced functionality mode, which means documents can still be viewed, but you can no longer edit them or create new documents using the service.

If your school hasn’t bought this plan, you can talk to your IT or concerned authority, requesting them to bring it on. Else, there are other student plans that you can purchase individually. Among them are Office 365 University and Office 365 Home. Office 365 University is an exclusive student-priced where you’ll be able to rent Office apps for 4 years (enough to see you through your graduation years) by paying a highly discounted fee. The plan includes the complete suite of full installed Office apps- Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. You can get them installed on up to 2 PCs, Macs or tablets and 2 phones. Of course, you also get internet-supported benefits- 1TB of online storage plus 60 minutes of free Skype calling per month to mobile phones in 8 countries and landlines in over 60 countries! A perfect sidekick to your university years, it not only brings you the most professional tools to work with, but also helps you stay productive across devices, all the time. Full and part-time students enrolled in qualified and accredited institutions of higher education; faculty and staff of such institutions are eligible. However, alumni of these institutions are not eligible under this plan. The other plan that might suit your purpose is Office 365 Home. Although it does not carry an “exclusive” price tag that the former plan does- it can still be of help to students. You get all the apps you get on Office 365 University but while you pay a tad higher price, the benefit is that you can install it across a greater number of devices- precisely, 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets and 5 phones. This means almost all members across a regular household can benefit from a single plan and work across devices- from anywhere, anytime! With online storage and all the Office apps, mundane assignments and projects suddenly become interesting and more fun to do and you can easily share and collaborate with others over work. Office 365 Personal is another buying alternative. Little cheaper than Office 365 Home, it gets you all the apps and internet-based advantages on 1 PC or Mac and 1 tablet and 1 phone.

We’ve already told you that Office 365 Education is the most reasonable plan for students, followed by Office 365 University. Office 365 Home though not exclusively student-priced is also not a bad idea, followed by Office 365 Personal. There is another option too- though compared to all of these, it may not seem so cost-effective. While all the above are rental plans, where you rent Office by paying a certain monthly or annual fee, for a specified time (after which you may renew your subscription), Microsoft does offer a one-time lifetime purchase option too. Office Home and Student 2013 is one such product that has applications useful to students- once you buy them, they’re yours forever. But on the flip side, you get only four apps- Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, 15GB of online storage and installation on only one device (PC)- sounds the least lucrative. So now that we’ve given you a complete roundup of how Office can help you shine at school and told you the various ways you can purchase Office- do some smart research and go get the plan that suits you best.